Completed projects

Some examples of projects that we have have been involved in:

Localisation of ERP software and help (en-sv/nl), applications for Accounting, Purchasing and Consolidation (en-sv/nl), reporting software (nl-en), website financial consultancy and online services (nl-en), webshop printer cartridges (sv-nl) and course exams for Windows and Office applications (en-nl).

Translation of articles, press releases, interviews, course materials, various user manuals for copiers (en-sv), user manual frequency conversion machine (fr-sv), packaging for animal foods (en-sv), quality manual for production of caravans and campervans (en-sv), packaging for cosmetics (en-sv), user manual industrial pumps (nl-sv), various articles for magazines (nl-sv, sv-nl), webshop for organic cosmetics (en-sv), website tourism and business on Öland (sv-en/de) and various websites tourist industry (sv-en/nl/de).